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Profiler's VCTF Command Center
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Welcome to V.C.T.F. Command Center. A place to read Profiler Character journals and gain insight into the variety of cases that this fascinating show covered for four seasons.

Who has the character journals? The journals here were mostly created by a member of the fandom and then given to various people as they volunteered for various characters. Characters were given on a first come first serve basis in the interest of fairness. The few people who weren't able to get the exact character they desired were offered an alternative and usually were able to find a character that has made them happen.

This isn't an RPG, although the characters do interact with one another. Rather this is meant to be an in depth character exploration and to delve into the cases in depth. Even if you don't have a character journal you're welcome to interact with those who do, ask questions about their lives and their cases. Although every case will be discussed over time, it's fine to leap about from case to case. The idea is to have fun!

The vctf is a community for character journals to post, to house all the character journals in one location and for people to interact with them. For icon contests, writing challenges and a broad spectrum of Profiler related info and fanfiction, check out profiler_fans. It's a great community which is quite active and I'm proud to be a co-moderator.

If you're interested in signing up for a character journal or wish to know more about them, click here. Usually I can set you up with a journal within 48 hours. Feel free to take a look at some of the character journals to get an idea of what they're like. If you have a character journal you'd like to make a part of the project or give to the project, click here.

Characters Taken - No Longer Available
Angel - angel_brown_art
Bailey - bailey_malone
Frannie - franniemalone
George - georgefraley
Grace - drgracealvarez
Jack - jack_trades
Sam - samantha_waters
Rich - richwarren

Characters Pending - Someone Has Expressed Interest But Not Yet Confirmed - May Be Available
Donald Lucas - donald_lucas
John - agentjohngrant

Characters Available
Sharon - sharonlesher
No journals yet, but still available: Nathan, Marcus, Rachel, and various others.

I do have a character journal that I share with someone, but I won't be moderating with it since everyone's supposed to be incognito.

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